Zeal At Home



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I’m Zandra Zuraw, designer and owner of Zeal. I believe that the things you buy should deserve the space they take up in your home. My goal isn’t to add more stuff to the world. It’s to add something that you feel a connection to so that you can remember why you fell in love with your home in the first place.

I’ve been a hands-on home decorator since I was about 6 and my mom let me turn my bedroom closet into an apartment. I started my company (formally known as Zeal: Handmade Home) in 2007 after having a small, personal epiphany while ripping up the carpet on our stairs to reveal nice, hard wood underneath: I love working with my hands in order to transform something dull, ugly or blah into something vibrant, gorgeous and arresting. I soon painted a runner up that staircase and started thinking about what I could produce that would make people think “I’m SO glad I bought that piece…it makes me smile every time I come home!” And thus, an interior-accessories-as-art-object business was born. I have participated in many wonderful juried craft shows in the Boston area (SOWA Holiday, Twist, Bizarre Bazaar….) and am currently selling my wares in two stores, Pinch Gallery in Northampton, MA and Silver Circle Gallery in Putnam, CT.

The collections of interior accessories you’ll see here are a reflection of the things that define my own aesthetic. There are stories behind the collages that I’ve created and a personal commitment to the compilation of imagery, color and pattern that I’ve put together. I hope that you will also find that the pieces resonate with your aesthetic so that when you use them, they will remind you of a connection you have to the people, places and experiences that enrich your world.