Zeal At Home

Fall Arrangement

One benefit of having a small home is that it forces me to carefully edit what I have on display.  There isn’t much room for lots of extra stuff…and since one of my core beliefs is to love what you own (and only own what you LOVE), I get a lot of pleasure out of rotating my treasured objects according to the season.   I’ve just recently put my antique black & white bowling pins to bed (I’ll show you in 6 months how they evoke the pop of summertime energy), and replaced them with a mix of new gold-dipped and old brass candlesticks, a dramatic spray of chocolate-brown grass in a creamy vintage vase and a favorite small work of art.  Oh, and a little striped pumpkin too.  The deep blue-gray color of the candlesticks picks up on the light gray walls and also ties in with the abstract oil painting of Morocco hanging above.  I’m kind of giddy about the whole still life….and I’m now spending a lot of time working from my couch, under a cozy throw, occasionally glancing up at the candlelight as our afternoons grow dark.

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